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Welcome to Bill Brown’s Music by Ear. Here you will find OVER 1200 courses and songs taught completely “by ear” in everyday language. It is like having audio sheet music to your favorite songs and music courses. Also, when you learn “by ear” you not only learn the song quicker than using music, tab, or video, you also develop your ability to play other songs by ear.. Click on the instrument of you choice and see just how easy it is to Learn by Ear, Play by Ear!







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Ukulele & Penny Whistle 



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Bill Brown has been teaching music for over 30 years. From the beginning he developed his students’ ability to play By Ear by teaching them songs using no written notation. By learning a song this way the student associated the sound of the song with their physical actions thus turning their own bodies into a music memory system.


As more students became interested in learning this way he started recording his lessons to make them more widely available. On this site you will find his By Ear teaching method applied to over a dozen courses and over 1100 individual songs. Now you can skip over reading music, tab, or any notation and start to play your favorite instrument right away. At the same time you will be developing your ability to play By Ear.





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